Weekly Pay-As-You-Go Music Courses

Weekly Pay-As-You-Go Music Courses

$75 Weekly 2019 Revised Upper Register Course (live coaching-teaching)

$25 Weekly Upper Register Course

$29 Weekly Lead Trumpet Course

$24 Weekly Comeback Player Course

$26 Weekly Beginner-Intermediate Upper Register Course

These Trumpet and Brass Musician Courses from Kurt Thompson are perfect for a student who only receives a small weekly allowance, part-time job, someone on a fixed income OR for the person who is very skeptical by nature!

The price ranges from $18 to $75. Not bad, right?

No strings, no gimmicks, and no contracts.

Start off with WEEK 1 of the course you are wanting to begin.

After practicing with WEEK 1, do you like how things are going? How about the  structure of the course? Good, then keep progressing through the course. If at anytime you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription.

These courses become a self-fulfilling prophecy because as you make progress, you realize the value of participating in the course and...you keep going through the course and achieve your goals!

Some of the courses even include live review lessons with Kurt via phone or skype. Please double check the details because some do and some don't.