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Advanced Lip Buzzing Tutorial - 14 minute video - Trumpetsizzle

Advanced Lip Buzzing Tutorial - 14 minute video

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It is highly recommended that you either have completed the other two lip buzzing tutorials in this series (beginning and intermediate) or already have extensive experience in lip buzzing.

This is a very high level of free lip buzzing and will dove tail nicely if you have already developed your range quite a bit above average.

CAUTION: There is a danger of lip injury or strain if you have not taken the time to develop a rock solid foundation in free lip buzzing.

For Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Euphonium, and Trombone Players. The actual tutorial is done using trumpet as a base. If you don't play trumpet, no problem, but you may need to modify certain parts of the pitches down to suit your level and lip strength.

14 minute video tutorial