Trumpet Teacher Online

Kurt Thompson plays rare, difficult, and iconic trumpet solos from the most celebrated and acclaimed trumpet players of all time.

 In addition to playing the most difficult trumpet solos of all time, Kurt Thompson specializes in helping trumpeters and brass players of all levels improve their embouchure, high range, tone, accuracy, power, and endurance.

 Kurt Thompson has performed many Maynard Ferguson trumpet solos and tribute concerts.

 Kurt performed and recorded Doc Severinsen's most difficult trumpet solo, "Macarthur Park", and Allen Vizzutti's most difficult trumpet solo, "ZigZag."

 Recently, Kurt recorded Chet Baker's "Almost Blue" both singing and playing trumpet ...just like Chet!

 Kurt has taught trumpet lessons to over 1500 individual trumpet players through the last few decades.

One new innovation from Kurt is the "Weekly" Lessons Series. These weekly lessons are segmented versions of the original full course. What makes these weekly versions exciting is being able to let the course PROVE itself to you and the minimal outlay of money to get involved as compared to the full course.

 You may contact him at the following email: