The Ultimate In Trumpet Lessons

Current #1 Embouchure Strengthening Course In The World


The Ultimate In Trumpet Lessons

Current #1 Embouchure Strengthening Course In The World

"Would you invest a few dollars to add 4 strong and confident notes to your high range?"


trumpet lesson review by darian robinson
"I am very appreciative and grateful that I found this course."
-Darian Robinson, Trumpeter


 “Get Started for as Little as 25 dollars Per Week”

Study with the only trumpet player in the world to have achieved the highest recorded trumpet note on video, the Quad High C!

That's 2 octaves higher than Wayne Bergeron, 1 octave higher than Arturo Sandoval, 2 octaves higher than James Morrison, and a few notes higher than Jon Faddis!


Trumpet lessons review

"Regardless of the cost, it's definitely a life changer."

-Chaz, 15 year old trumpeter


This Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba, French Horn course takes 4 months to complete.

Practice requirements:

  • Weeks 1-4: 30-40 minutes each day 
  • Weeks 5-8: 45-60 minutes each day 
  • Weeks 9-12 One hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half each day
  • Last 4 weeks of the course: Hour and a half to 2 hours each day


"Sign up and start screaming out those notes."
-Dave, Trumpeter in California


 Over the years, some brass players have had trouble pulling the trigger and jumping feet first into this top rated embouchure strengthening course.

Here are some of their reasons:


  1. Skeptical - They were promised by previous trumpet teachers that "Don't worry! You just keep practicing the material and eventually that high range and great sound will happen for you."


  1. Couldn't wrap their brain around taking lessons by phone or skype. Their only experience had previously been "in person" lessons only.


  1. Regarding the DIY video only versions of my course: Some folks just weren't sure they could learn anything in a measurable way from a recorded video course.


  1. Although I have plainly stated this course WORKS for all other brass players including Trombone, Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba, some just could not fathom how a "trumpet course" could work for them. 

 Perry 85 year old trumpet student

"If you're looking for a recommendation, here's my vote for Kurt Thompson."

-Perry, 85 year old trumpet student


 “When You Purchase This Embouchure Strengthening Course, You’ll See Why Other Trumpet Players Have Left Great Reviews”


In order to make a change, one has to first imagine the outcome so...

What would it be like to pick up your trumpet and be able to play above high c anytime you wanted?

Imagine getting to the end of a song and bursting with energy while you take that F on top of the staff to F way on up above high C.

Picture yourself feeling amazing pride and confidence when you FINALLY are able to shake and trill high notes in your music the way Maynard Ferguson and Bill Chase have done.

Imagine going to your big band rehearsal or your community concert band rehearsal and making it all the way to the end of a rehearsal or concert, but with plenty of gas still in the tank...


Isaac helton lead trumpet player"This course has really really helped me a lot."
-Isaac Helton, Senior High School Lead Trumpeter


This course, be it live or recorded video, is for ALL BRASS MUSICIANS!

Can You Imagine ANYONE Being Able To Clearly, Smoothly & Powerfully Play a C Major Scale From Double C To Triple C?
KURT THOMPSON CAN! The evidence is on Youtube. Just search: Kurt Thompson triple C.



If you can handle the practicing above, keep reading...

Tons of Trumpet Players & Other Brass Players Talking About Their Success With This 16 Week Trumpet Lessons Course


trumpet lessons review kevin garner

"I highly recommend this course. He is going to teach you tricks and techniques and exercises that will improve both your playing and your range!"

-Dr. Kevin Garner, Trumpeter



 "So you want better Range and Endurance?"

 Click for a consultation about taking my live course by phone or skype!
Private Trumpet Lessons Anywhere In The World!

 If you are...

  • a High school Trumpet, French Horn, or Trombone player in band
  • a Trumpet , Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, French Horn major in college
  • a Come-back player
  • a Freelance Professional Trumpeter, French Hornist, Trombonist
  • a 3rd part player forever dreaming to play 1st part or lead trumpet

If you've ever wondered what the single most important skill is for any brass player (trumpet, trombone, etc..), that when mastered, would single-handedly account for more success than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt -- it's the ability to play accurately and powerfully in the upper register.

Think about it: How well could you sight-read with a 1 octave range? Very Poorly! How well could you improvise with a 1 octave range? Very Horribly! How many orchestral pieces could you perform with a 1 octave range? Not many!

MYTH: Unless you were born with the natural ability to play in the high range like Maynard Ferguson on trumpet or David Steinmeyer on trombone, you are completely out of luck. Wrong!


 "My Experience With Kurt: I took his 4 month trumpet high range lesson program to increase my trumpet endurance, which sucked when I first started. His guarantee actually is what finally convinced me to jump in and in a weird way, I was hoping I wouldn't get the results he promised just so I could hang with him for a day, but things worked out great! Kurt diagnosed me as a mouthpiece pressure freak which contributed to my very poor endurance. Finishing the 4 months was tough, but my endurance is killer now and my range on trumpet also went up to F above the staff!"
- Riley Cantrell, Trumpet Major


You will find the one high note trumpet technique that gives you TRIPLE the endurance for the amount of time you practice it i.e. practice it for 20 minutes, but amazingly, get an hour of endurance and playing time on your horn. This one alone is worth your investment in this course.


"I've tried Balanced Embouchure, Claude Gordon Systematic Approach, some lessons with Doc Reinhardt back in 1981 and spent $300 on a gold Prana Monette Mouthpiece. Kurt's 4 month trumpet lesson course is the ONLY thing that significantly improved my high range and endurance!!! I can now play almost all of the lead trumpet charts in the Buddy Rich Library."
- Carmine Adams, 62 from South Philly


 Discover 2 trumpet techniques that instantly test whether or not you are using too much mouthpiece pressure!


  • Why air is important, but it is not the panacea to playing powerful trumpet high notes that some famous trumpet players players would have you believe. Learn the truth so you can reduce your frustration levels and get on to building high range the right way.
  • What happens when you hit a plateau, or you find yourself stuck in a rut? I have a clever trumpet lesson technique that will get you out of that rut and on the road to progress in 2-3 weeks. This won't ever happen during my course, but it eventually happens to all of us - Find Out What To Do
  • You will absolutely love that almost 1/3 of the Upper Register and High Note Techniques from this course (21 in fact) can be practiced while your trumpet is left in the case. Study, relax, watch TV, drive...while you do these techniques. That means even if you were too busy on a certain day to practice your horn as much as you would have wanted, all is not lost.
  • What you should do if you have a tendency to become dizzy and one product you can purchase from your local drug store that might solve this problem instantly.

You will find one unbelievable trumpet lesson technique that I invented called the 15 Second Note Technique. Like a scale that shows whether you have gained or lost weight, this high note technique reports back in real time whether or not you've made progress on your horn. 100% correct every time.


"Badly injured lip. I had stopped playing for 10 years. I was able to jump-start the building of my range. Thanks Kurt for all you have done!"
                     -Paul Meehan, Trumpeter



Free Bonus : "The Top 10 Range & Endurance Strategies"

Want to find out more about Kurt Thompson's Embouchure Strengthening Courses for Trumpet and all brass players AND the best techniques to quickly accomplish your high range goals?  Simply email Kurt:
(Gaining High Range is really fun! 😃)


More About Kurt's Courses:

The best and most successful way to take the 16 week upper register course is with Kurt, in person via phone (if you live in U.S.A.) or Skype ( if you live outside U.S.A.)

You meet with Kurt 16 times over the 4 months picking a mutually convenient day and time for each week's lesson. It is like a regular college class that you attend for a semester.

In addition to the LIVE one on one trumpet lessons with Kurt, you also get a back up digital download course on video to help you refresh each live lesson.

 Tuition is  $997 for the entire semester!

 However, Kurt often offers substantial discounts and deals around:

  • Summer
  • Back To School 
  • Black Friday
  • End of Year Holidays


(as opposed to just working with the video course by yourself)

 “Get Started for as Little as 25 dollars Per Week”


Start taking trumpet lessons with Kurt Thompson now so you can feel and experience what it is like to play your horn with true strength, mastery, and non-stop endurance!


"I've been able to hit a double G now. My free-buzzing and all around playing is better."

-Mike O'Hearn, Trumpeter




Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Why not try some of Kurt Thompson's Top Range and Strength producing trumpet practice aids and exercise devices:





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