What is the one veterinary clinic in Waco,Texas McLennan County that you should avoid?

What is the one veterinary clinic in Waco,Texas McLennan County that you should avoid? Why, it is South Bosque veterinary clinic:

They hurt our pets!

They wouldn't investigate!

It's hard to make them accountable!

It's hard to prove anything because they have a habit of taking your pets away from you when you arrive at the clinic to do their services!

So, they got it almost all foolproof where if something goes wrong, you don't have an eyewitness to what happened.

I would avoid South Bosque Veterinary Clinic. You have a choice when it comes to veterinarian medicine for your cat, dog, or small animal…

South Bosque Veterinary Clinic should not be one of them!

You have your choice when it comes to selecting a veterinarian at a veterinary clinic in Waco Texas McLennan County. not all the veterinary clinics in Waco or stellar and superb. however there is at least one Clinic that you would want to avoid and that one Clinic in Waco Texas is South Bosque Veterinary Clinic. if you go there right now you'll notice that they have a habit of removing your pet whenever possible for any type of service. The only time that it seems like you're permitted to be with your pet while they conduct Services is when you paid the full $62 for their full exam that lasts about 10 minutes. For just about anything else you'll be required to stay  in the lobby while the vet tech comes and whisk your pet away and you won't be an eyewitness to anything that's going on while they're out of your sight. If you've never had any problems, accidents, injuries or even illnesses later because they gave the wrong vaccinations or wrong booster or wrong medications well then consider yourself lucky. On the other hand if you're like us or your pet got injured and you ask for investigation and details on what happened it's likely that you're not going to get anywhere fast with South Bosque Veterinary Clinic. Instead, what is likely to happen is they will shut you down and retaliate by removing your ability to request and to gain access to your pets' medical records and they'll send you along your way to look for another Veterinary Clinic.

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