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20 Week Comeback Player Course for Trumpet and Brass Players - $24 Weekly Installment version - Trumpetsizzle
20 Week Comeback Player Course for Trumpet and Brass Players - $24 Weekly Installment version

20 Week Comeback Player Course for Trumpet and Brass Players - $24 Weekly Installment version

Normaler Preis $24.00

This is the installment version and you will be investing $24 weekly.

*PLEASE NOTE: The comeback player course no longer has the live lessons with me. I have dropped the price to make it more affordable by eliminating my live involvement from the course. You can still get the 5 comeback players from me and they are available to purchase separately if you so desire. The reason for this announcement is because once you begin the video course, it will say to contact me for the included lessons...THEY ARE NO LONGER INCLUDED.

 I highly recommend you have my new beginner/comeback player flexibility book come along for the ride with you and this course.



Each week that you continue in the course, you will pay another $24. For any reason should you need to pause or discontinue, you can! Just cancel and that ends your involvement in this course. Easy and no risk at all.
By week 20, you will be able to:
  • Join or audition just about any local community band, concert band, brass band, jazz band, big band, or even a pit band for broadway. You will also be able to get involved in orchestra if that is your thing.
  • You will have gained confidence
  • Your music theory and ear training will likely be better than where you were before
  • Your range may be better than where you were before
  • You will enjoy a big brassy sound, great tone
  • You will have enough endurance to last through long rehearsals and performances
  • You will enjoy making music again and your instrument will be more often your friend rather than an enemy
The question you should be asking is: "I wonder if I could get private lessons for $24 a week where I live?" Ummmm me thinks not! Well, maybe little bobby who is a music major or maybe even a recent graduate at the ripe old age of 22 or 23 might teach you for that amount, but...I doubt it. If little bobby does, you have to ask another question: "At age 23, how much professional teaching experience does he have?"
30 years? 10 years? 5 years? How about try 1 or 2 years. Yeah, that's right. Basically YOU will be Little bobby's guinea pig!
Kurt Thompson Trumpet is author of the most successful trumpet and brass musician improvement course in history. It is the Holy Grail for brass playing and trumpet.
This 20 week course is based to some extent off that #1 upper register course, but tailored for you comeback players.
*New Pay-As-You-Go Option*

$24 bucks each week.

You do good. You improve. You keep going.
You don't improve. You don't like it. You stop and cancel the subscription.
Perfect for the simply doesn't get any more logical than this!
*It truly doesn't matter which brass instrument you play: TRUMPET, TROMBONE, FRENCH HORN, BARITONE, EUPHONIUM, TUBA. When it comes to getting back on your horn, the strategy and practice is the same for all brass players and is included in this course.
*This 20 week course also gives you warm up and practice strategies.
*Each week has a video by me for you to watch. 20 Videos Lessons in All!
*I introduce new techniques, tell you EXACTLY how to practice including HOW LONG to practice each day!

*PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: This is a momentum based course up until Week 10. Daily practice starts out at 15 minutes a day and gradually increases to 1 hour a day by Week 10. After Week 10,you have the option to continue staying at 1 hour of practice each day, but you also have the freedom to move up to 2 hours a day if you were so inclined.

*The course also suggest the appropriate book for all instruments so whether you play trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, or tuba, the appropriate book will be suggested for you and exactly what exercises need to be practiced out of that particular book.

***PLUS tons of Bonus Videos regarding innovative techniques at the end of many of the weekly video lessons.

This is a very well thought out design and strategy for the Comeback Player!

I do not recommend downloading this to a phone. It is much better to download first to a Computer, Mac, or Laptop. If you later want to transfer some lessons to your phone, that is fine and should work.

Internet not too fast? When that happens, I head to Starbucks during late morning or mid-afternoons and the speed is usually quite fast - 100mbps! 

lol last resort: McDonalds! Even if you are out in the boonies, you should be able to find a Mcdonalds somewhere near the highway, right? They have free internet and it is decently fast at 20mbps.

HIT THE BUY NOW BUTTON and be on your journey!
Kurt Thompson