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The 90 Days to Razor Sharp Technique - Efficient Herbert L. Clarke Course for Trumpet and all Brass Players! - Trumpetsizzle

The 90 Days to Razor Sharp Technique - Efficient Herbert L. Clarke Course for Trumpet and all Brass Players! ***

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The 90 Days to Razor Sharp Technique - Efficient Herbert L. Clarke Course for Trumpet and all Brass Players!

"The most efficient way to practice the Herbert L. Clarke Technical Studies for Tuba, Euphonium, Baritone, Trombone, Cornet, French Horn, & Trumpet"

If you make a special request, I can transfer the entire course onto DVDs and mail them to you priority mail in the U.S.A. These won't be fancy dvd's with pretty designs and text...just simple good quality dvd's that will make it possible not to have to mess around with computers and internet. Also, see the optional payment by mail if you don't like having your credit cards all over the internet. So, essentially, you can do it all by mail and even do your course without turning on your computer if you so desire! FEE: $75

Yes, there are 2 different books: 1 for treble clef and 1 for bass clef. You will need your specific clef book to start this course. You can easily get your book here from amazon:

Herbert L.Clarke Technical Studies for Cornet Trumpet French Horn & Baritone treble clef

Herbert L. Clarke Technical Studies for Trombone Euphonium Baritone Tuba bass clef

If you have practiced the Clarke book starting at the beginning and working straight towards the end, you did it (unfortunately) in the most time consuming and inefficient way possible.

Payment Can Be Sent Via Priority Mail Using A U.S. Postal Money Order if you prefer not using your card for this amount online. email:

This trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, and tuba technique course, as taught by Kurt Thompson, guides you through the exercises in Studies 1-9. Kurt shows you THE ORDER in which to practice each study which is much different than how they appear in the book.

Kurt also gives you exactly how to practice each exercise for each study. Getting the most out of each study varies with each study and is not the same for every exercise. The etudes are not worked on during the course. The etudes are worked on and mastered in a different, separate, companion course.

Trumpet technique and bass clef instrument technique can be many things, but the combination of finger and tongue coordination, slide execution along with perfect slotting and execution of notes is what this course drills you on.

It would be impossible to go through this 90 day trumpet lesson and bass clef course and not have gained a significant amount of exceptional trumpet and brass technique!

Kurt Thompson demonstrates and plays the most difficult exercise from each study showing you it is possible to play at Herbert L. Clarke's max metronome speed.

By taking and completing this course, you gain:


You owe it to yourself to work the exercises in the Herbert L. Clarke Technical Studies for Cornet, Trumpet, French Horn, and all the bass clef instruments in the fastest and most efficient way possible.  

This course is compressed in a zip file and is 1.2 gigs so make sure you are using a fast internet speed and have enough storage on your device. You REALLY need to double check your storage space on your device and have uninterrupted internet service. I do not recommend downloading this to a phone. It is much better to download first to a Computer, Mac, or Laptop. If you later want to transfer some lessons to your phone, that is fine and should work.

Internet not too fast? When that happens, I head to Starbucks during late morning or mid-afternoons and the speed is usually quite fast - 100mbps!

lol last resort: McDonalds! Even if you are out in the boonies, you should be able to find a Mcdonalds somewhere near the highway, right? They have free internet and it is decently fast at 20mbps.

*lessons are not required and I do not have a live version of this course, but If you have questions and need answers as you go through the course, you may want to seriously consider getting a review lesson package.