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Best Solar Powered Driveway Gate For Under $600

This is the electronic, Solar-Powered Automatic Driveway Gate Opener! I got it for 2 main reasons: 1. No Electricity or electrical connections 2. Don't need to hire an electrician contractor The other reason was the price. I got it for slightly under $1000. A year later, Ghost Controls gate opener, dropped their price to under $600! This is a great gate for privacy and security AND convenience.

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THE SECRET TO FIXING MOUTHPIECE WOES! HERE IS THE SECRET, BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT: STRENGTH! See? I told you you wouldn't like that answer, but the fact is, IT IS TRUE! I am not talking about "dialing" in a more perfect mouthpiece to give you that extra edge which is something I have spent time and money doing!  10 years ago, when I went to Bob Reeves, I already had a Triple G. I had already stood out in from of large to very large audiences and played Maynard type high note solos or the hardest lead parts known to man! 10 years later I am the official record holder for the highest note documented via...

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What Is The Best Way To Improve Your Accuracy Above The Staff On Any Brass Instrument?

Missing notes for any brass player is quite easy. Even the most famous and accomplished professional trumpet players, French Horn players, and others have been known to miss a note here and there. What are the causes of missing notes and accuracy issues? Is it a low quality instrument? The wrong mouthpiece? A bad teacher? Not enough practice? Too much practice? Would you be surprised to find out there is a way to put your thumb on the scale and tilt the odds in your favor of increased accuracy and less missed notes especially above the staff?

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