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Beginning Lip Buzzing Tutorial - 4  minute video - Trumpetsizzle

Beginning Lip Buzzing Tutorial - 4 minute video

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There is actually a difference in lip tissue and the tissue that makes up the embouchure that surrounds the lips. You need to strengthen lip tissue with laser focus. Most players miss this important factor!

For Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Euphonium, and Trombone Players. The actual tutorial is done using trumpet as a base. If you don't play trumpet, no problem, but you may need to modify certain parts of the pitches down to suit your level and lip strength.

1. This tutorial assumes you have no prior lip buzzing experience.

2. You will learn the how's and why's of lip buzzing.

3. You will get an actionable strategy on exercises you can start immediately.

4. You can practice with the tutorial over and over countless times.

4 minute video tutorial