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16 Week Upper Register High Range Course for Trumpet & Brass Players (original 2009) - Trumpetsizzle
16 Week Upper Register High Range Course for Trumpet & Brass Players (original 2009) ***
16 Week Upper Register High Range Course for Trumpet & Brass Players (original 2009) ***
16 Week Upper Register High Range Course for Trumpet & Brass Players (original 2009) ***

16 Week Upper Register High Range Course for Trumpet & Brass Players (original 2009) ***

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 CLICK HERE for more details on the UPDATED version of this amazing course. Yes, this course was completely overhauled and revised back in 2019!

Kurt Thompson Trumpet is author of the most successful trumpet and brass musician improvement course in history. 

 This course IS the Holy Grail for Trumpet and all other Brass Players!

I highly recommend you invest in the LIVE version with me via phone or skype's worth it!


16 Week Upper Register Course Newest Version - $297

16 Week Upper Register Course Newest Weekly D.I.Y. Version - $25

16 Week Upper Register Course Newest Weekly Version Direct (“LIVE”) With Kurt - $77

16 Week Upper Register Course Newest Every Other Week Version Direct (“LIVE”) With Kurt - $557

(Best!)16 Week Upper Register Course Newest Every Week Version Direct (“LIVE”) With Kurt - $997 (Best!)

 If you make a special request, I can transfer the entire course onto DVDs and mail them to you priority mail in the U.S.A. These won't be fancy dvd's with pretty designs and text...just simple good quality dvds that will make it possible not to have to mess around with computers and the internet. Also, see the optional payment by mail if you don't like having your credit cards all over the internet. So, essentially, you can do it all by mail and even do your course without turning on your computer if you so desire! FEE: $75

When to expect your results:

After a decade of teaching this course, the data points to these averages:

  • Nothing after the first 2 weeks! Lol this is important because I do get people taking the course thinking they might be playing like Maynard Ferguson after learning just a few techniques in the first week or so.
  • Around Weeks 3-4 many folks experience: more ease of playing, more power, more command and control, better intonation, better accuracy, and a lift in their endurance at rehearsals and performances. 
  • Between Weeks 4-5 many will have their first 1/2 step increase in range. One day it just happens and it catches most off guard! 
  • Weeks 6-8 tend to be a period of stagnation and treading water. The reason is because of 2 things: 1. Your body is catching up to all the increased load being placed upon it. 2. Weeks 6 and 7 are the 2 most difficult weeks in the course because of the many techniques that are given to the student and also because of the placement in the course. In other words if Weeks 6 and 7 could be switched to Weeks 1 and 2, they would not appear to be so tough.
  • During the period between Weeks 8 and 9, many will notice their 2nd half step increase in range. Weeks 8 and 9 are not very difficult and then there is Week 10 where nothing new is added and we have a review.
  • Week 10 - 11 marks the appearance of the 3rd half step increase in range. Now, on average, most students have gained a minor third in range...very cool.
  • Weeks 11-14 are advanced techniques, but because there are an even 5 techniques for each week, many students find themselves gaining another half step to a whole step during this time period. So potentially, you could have added a major third to a perfect 4th to your range by the end of Week 14.
  • Weeks 14-16 can be a period of slow growth to a stagnation and most students will either not make any more gains or they might receive one more 1/2 step.

There you have it! On average, most brass players and I am talking ALL brass players: French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Cornet, Trumpet, Baritone, except Tuba, will experience the above range increase progression. The reason Tuba is the exception is because so far, no Tuba has actually taken and completed the entire course so the verdict is still out with tuba players.

Keep in mind that ALL of you will continue to make range increases AFTER you have completed the course. Your improvement does NOT stop just because you reached the end of my course. In a way, it is the beginning of a very interesting journey whereby you WILL keep continuing to make gains. I know I have: 15 years ago my range hung out in the double C to double Eb area. Now? Almost always I can get up to Triple D's and on a few rare occurrences I have popped out Triple F and Quadruple G! I have a youtube video marking my highest note and that is the Quadruple G. I am a product of my own course and teaching. Everything is a cake walk for me these days. There is nothing I can't play range wise. I can play everything Cat Anderson did, Maynard Ferguson did, Jon Faddis did and many others. The only exception is Bud Brisbois. Bud is the best most accurate trumpet player I have ever heard in the extreme upper register and he does certain things I have not yet been able to integrate into my playing. Precise, flawless tonguing up to Triple G comes to mind when I think of Bud Brisbois' prowess. Who knows? Maybe in another decade I will be able to play all of Bud Brisbois' awesome trumpet displays too.

GO ahead and invest in this amazing PROVEN course!

Kurt Thompson

*If you have questions and need answers, you may want to seriously consider getting a review lesson package...or invest in the FULL, LIVE version.