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Lead Trumpet Accuracy Studies Sheet Music - Trumpetsizzle

Lead Trumpet Accuracy Studies Sheet Music

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This is a collection of various licks, patterns, and intervals that I have found to be most common. Notice the phrase "most common."

This is a concise, short collection not a hundred page all encompassing collection!

15 brief and concise pages of licks you certainly and easily could miss on your next gig...almost guaranteed!

Since these are conspicuous and very easy for the audience to spot should you miss them, why not get a jump start and practice these in advanced?

In my experience of many years, I have found that certain intervals can give trumpet players a problem while on the band stand or in a recording session.

Further, these intervals tend to come up over and over.

So, I boiled these down to the most common and made a practice template for myself years ago.


Now, you can enjoy the same advantage of improved and reliable accuracy plus be more confident and less stressed.

These are sheet music format. 

Download, print them out, and put them on your stand to practice every day!