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Commercial Trumpet Mini-Course ***

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ommercial Trumpet Mini-Course by Kurt Thompson

This is brand new! I would call it the little brother to my 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course and's also new and different.

If you make a special request, I can transfer the entire course onto DVDs and mail them to you priority mail in the U.S.A. These won't be fancy dvd's with pretty designs and text...just simple good quality dvd's that will make it possible not to have to mess around with computers and internet. Also, see the optional payment by mail if you don't like having your credit cards all over the internet. So, essentially, you can do it all by mail and even do your course without turning on your computer if you so desire! FEE: $75

1. Focus is on learning and becoming a better commercial trumpet player

2. This is NOT a beginner or intermediate level course. It is also not a course just for professionals. It's right in between. A player who has just crossed over into  more advanced material up to someone who has several years playing in jazz, funk, and rock bands. Age? Well, I suppose a decent sophomore or junior in high school could handle this up to a very good amateur older adult or hobby player. This would not be a good course for a comeback player or a student in junior high, middle school, or elementary school.

3. Another focus of this course is Sight-Reading! I have a section on reading commercial and written jazz, pop music. I also have a section to develop general sight-reading regardless of classical or commercial.

4. This course contains 2 FULL weeks from my 8 week lead trumpet course.

5. This course contains 3 embouchure strengthening techniques from my 16 Week Upper Register Course Sampler.

6. You get a ton of common rhythms that players mess up most frequently. I call them "Accuracy Studies."

7. Included is the full and complete Etude Companion Course from my Herbert l. Clarke Series. This is a focus ONLY on the etudes in the Clarke book, not the actual studies. Being able to handle the flow and finger work in these etudes can only make you a better commercial player so that is why this is included.

8. There is a bonus video with extra special emphasis for the aspiring commercial trumpet player: tips and tricks to make yourself a better commercial and lead trumpet player.

Payment Can Be Sent Via Priority Mail Using A U.S. Postal Money Order if you prefer not using your card for this amount online. email:

This may very well be one of the best values I have to offer!

You will gain an education in commercial trumpet playing.

You will likely add a note to your range.

You will become a more precise and accurate trumpet player.

Your overall musicianship will rise significantly!

Kurt Thompson


*This course may come with several bonus videos. Feel free to watch them on your own of course, but if you are able to schedule a lesson with me to go over them, that is preferred. If you have questions and need answers, GET the Lesson Pack which includes at least 3 shorter, review type lessons.