Vintage & Classic Schilke B6-b Beryllium Bell Bill Chase model Bb Trum
Vintage & Classic Schilke B6-b Beryllium Bell Bill Chase model Bb Trumpet FOR SALE!
Vintage & Classic Schilke B6-b Beryllium Bell Bill Chase model Bb Trumpet FOR SALE!

Vintage & Classic Schilke B6-b Beryllium Bell Bill Chase model Bb Trumpet FOR SALE!

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Vintage Schilke B6-b trumpet 
no mouthpiece
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How much is this new? $3800 plus tax.
However, you won't get the true beryllium bell because they have changed it for environmental reasons. The new one won't be this good!
PAYMENT: $2350 + $80 shipping = $2430
*there is no fluff in the shipping: It's 2-3 day priority shipping +$2,300 insurance usps priority mail. The insurance alone is over $30...go check.
If it happens to actually be $1 or $2 less, I will send you any overpayment-just ask!
Can use your credit card here, but I will give a $150 cash discount: Show in person with all cash or Western Union the cash or send U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDERS. Postal Money order will likely take 3 of those since the max is $1000 per each money order.
Potentially, if you picked it up in person and paid cash, you could save: $150 + $80 shipping = $230! That's quite a lot to save my friend 😃👍
- Serial# 13,xxx; (confirmed with Schilke in Chicago to be built in 1982) B6 model with rare Beryllium bell. (a-la Bill Chase)
- B6 model is a medium bore, .450 multi-bore, w/a ML bell. It makes for a very flexible, movable feel of resistance. Great balance.
- The beryllium bell is known for it core and sizzle. It can light up a room VERY easily, and records extremely well.
I got this because you never see these for sale...the kind that Bill Chase actually played and recorded I bought it thinking it would work for me like Mr. Bill Chase.

As you may know, I have been playing on a very large .468 V-Raptor Bb trumpet for years and in many of my videos on Youtube.
Unfortunately, I have gotten too use to a roomy, large bore horn and so the Schilke B6-b feels too small for me kinda like I am overblowing it a bit.
THAT is the reason I am selling it.

COSMETICS: VERY nice overall.

- There's a couple of small mute dings/impressions in the bell. (Very tough to photograph, but I tried.) 
- The "B" bells are VERY fragile, and impossible to keep perfect. 
- The "B" is stamped on the ferrule at the bell tail, indicating Beryllium.
- Minor plating wear in a few spots at hand contact points.
Overall, the plating still looks really nice. I'd rate it at approximately 95%.


Valves are excellent. Compression is excellent. Slides are Excellent. 

SHIPPING: $80 USPS 2-3 day priority mail to include insurance for the full purchase amount, fully insured to the USA. International, contact me for quote BEFORE buying.
Shipping is already included in TOTAL price.

Selling as-is. However, if you send it back in 48 hours upon receipt and in the SAME like new undamaged condition, I will give you full refund less shipping, less $80.
BE SMART: This is a delicate trumpet, more delicate than most. If you get this, take it on a gig or rehearsal and ding it up, you will have a problem with me should you want to return it!
Please feel free to ask any additional questions or request any additional pics needed.
***I created this deal for this special trumpet to be AMAZING and UNIQUE!
You are getting a rare, impossible to find trumpet plus a ton of proven courses to help you become the very best player AND reach your potential!
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