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Test Drive Weeks 1-2 From The 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course for $49! - Trumpetsizzle

Test Drive Weeks 1-2 From The 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course for $49!

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Try The First 2 Weeks From The 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course $49 - Play all Jazz & Commercial Trumpet Styles: Swing, Rock, Latin, and more!


Below is information about the FULL 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course in case you are interested. If not, just head to the check out.

Kurt Thompson Trumpet is author of the most successful trumpet and brass musician improvement course in history. It is the Holy Grail for brass playing and trumpet. In addition he has created other highly successful courses including a wonderful introduction into the world of lead trumpet playing.

When you think of the words "lead trumpet", you might immediately picture an 18 piece big band jazz band. Yes, that is true, but lead trumpet covers almost every aspect of non-classical or orchestral trumpet. In the symphony the 1st trumpet player is not called lead trumpet. Rather, the individual (male or female) is referred to as the Principal Trumpet of that orchestra. 

So, Broadway shows, Cruise Ship gigs, Circus gigs, Rock Bands, Pop Bands, Recording Sessions, Jazz Ensembles with more than 1 trumpet almost always have a lead trumpet player!

Being uneducated or inexperienced regarding knowing how to play lead trumpet is a major mistake for the aspiring professional trumpet player. For the seasoned classical player, at the very least, not being experienced in playing lead trumpet limits performance and income producing opportunities. 

Think of the Oscars and the Grammy's. A legit classical trumpet player from the symphony is not hired for those high profile gigs...a lead trumpeter is!

This 8 Week Lead Trumpet Course is doable!

Payment Can Be Sent Via Priority Mail Using A U.S. Postal Money Order if you prefer not using your card for this amount online. email:

You are probably wondering if you have the RANGE to take this course.

I purposely kept the ceiling on the range in this course to just right above the staff. 90% of the top notes in the 8 weeks only go to High G and High A right above the staff. For those of you who get confused on what notes are what I am talking about the G and A below High C. There are 2 or 3 charts in the course that go to High D and Eb. I do have some higher range studies in the various bonus videos, but in the actual 8 weeks most of the range is BELOW high C.

Feel Better? Yes, you CAN do this!

If you have never set foot in a big band jazz ensemble or played in a Broadway show or rock band, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you will learn the style. 

For those of you who already know the style, the very beginning will be a review, but more likely than not, it will put the polish on your style and make you sound more professional with crisper articulation.

You will learn all of the non-classical styles: JAZZ, ROCK, BLUES, LATIN, SWING.

There also is a decent focus on not only sight-reading jazz charts, but also a focus on sight-reading in general.

Out of all my courses, this is by far the most fun.


For most of the entire 8 weeks you are learning to play lead on REAL CHARTS! You get to play real music. In the 16 week upper register course, the Clarke course, and the comeback player course, we mainly are going through techniques and exercises...not exactly a lot of musical fun. However, this lead trumpet course is get to work on real music!

*This course may come with several bonus videos. Feel free to watch them on your own, but if you are able to schedule a lesson with me to go over them, that is preferred. If you are taking the live course please disregard because we WILL go over them. If you have questions and need answers, GET the live course or at least order a few review lessons.