SIZZLE*PIPE Trumpet Leadpipe Buzzing in the style of Bill Adam!
kurt thompson using sizzle*pipe
kurt thompson buzzing leadpipe
kurt thompson holding leadpipe
kurt thompson holding 7 leadpipes

SIZZLE*PIPE Trumpet Leadpipe Buzzing in the style of Bill Adam!

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*Now includes 2 Instructional tutorials!

(digital video downloads included with purchase of the Sizzle*Pipe0

One video tutorial explains the nuts and bolts of leadpipe buzzing, and how to get it connected to your mouthpiece. It also introduces you to the Warm-Up which consists of 12 repetitions. Please Watch This One First

The other video tutorial picks up where the intro video left off. It starts out with a brief review of the Bill Adam warm-up covered in the first video, but then moves on to advanced and more in depth strategies devised by Kurt Thompson!


  • Use as a warm-up like Bill Adam did.

  • Opens up and improves your sound.

  • .495 super large bore to build wind power and make your trumpet easier to blow by contrast.

  • Stop getting the slide grease on your pants, hands, etc..when you pull the tuning slide out to buzz. That will be a thing of the past with these individual pipes.

  • Less work buzzing these light brass pipes compared to holding the entire horn.

  • Mobile - Take in your car, office, OR take it on a hike, walk, or bike ride.

  • Kids or Grandkids playing too loud? Just whip out this leadpipe and the rest will take care of itself!

  • Can control position and head angle better than with the leadpipe attached to the horn.

  • Priced right! Unlike almost all other lead-pipes including custom pipes which start at $200, this one will do the trick and still leave your wallet intact!


If you haven't heard of Bill Adam, that's ok. The short version: He was a well-known Trumpet professor at Indiana University and at the time by the late 1980's, Indiana boasted the largest enrollment of Music Majors of all colleges and universities.

Bill had many approaches and philosophies regarding trumpet playing. (at least as far as I could tell). 

One approach that seemed to be mainstream and a constant with him was....LEADPIPE BUZZING! 

Bill Adam declared it opened up player's sound. Improved pitch center, resonance, flexibility, range and was one of the best ways to start the day using it as a warm-up!