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COMING SOON November 16, 2019!

 Up until now, I had been recommending the P.E.T.E. personal training embouchure exerciser by Warburton. In fact, I even have a facebook page plus a tutorial regarding the P.E.T.E.

Even though many years ago, I developed a better way to get faster results using the P.E.T.E., I kept thinking something was missing.


Enter...the SIZZLE*J-PULL. The design is radically different and allows for more exercises and angles than the P.E.T.E.

The best way to think of it is to think of the P.E.T.E. on steroids! 


If you have followed the directions that came with the P.E.T.E., then I know you results are luke warm. If you got my video tutorial on the P.E.T.E., then I know you actually got some decent results. 

NOW, however, with the SIZZLE*J-PULL, you can look forward to 3x-5x the results that you got from my tutorial and likely 10x the results you would have gotten with the original instructions that came Warburton's personal embouchure training exerciser.

Tutorial on the SIZZLE*J-PULL now included with your purchase.

So, in addition to getting stronger and building range and endurance, here is what is included:

1. Sizzle*J-PULL embouchure builder device

2. Free Tutorial on how and when to use the Sizzle*J-PULL

3. Free Shipping! ( lower 48 United States only)

4. There is a fee for international shipping