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Tutorial on the SIZZLE*BREATH now included with your purchase.

So, in addition to getting stronger and increasing breath, lung, and air supply, here is what is included:

1. Sizzle*Breath breath and lung capacity builder device

2. Free Tutorial on how and when to use the Sizzle*Breath

3. Free Shipping! ( lower 48 United States only)

4. There is a fee for international shipping


Please note there are no refunds on anything you put in your mouth! If you purchased a device or practice aid that is intended to be put in, on, or around your mouthpiece, it cannot be returned. Even if you say you never put it in your mouthpiece, we have no way to verify this and cannot resell it to another customer.

Would you want to buy our practice aids and devices knowing we took returns on them? Yeah, didn't think so!