1948 Vintage Conn 12B Professional Coprion Bell Trumpet
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trumpet case
trumpet case
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conn trumpet manual
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conn 12b trumpet
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3 trumpet valves
3 trumpet valves
conn trumpet valves
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conn trumpet slides

1948 Vintage Conn 12B Professional Coprion Bell Trumpet

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1948 Vintage Conn 12B Professional Coprion Bell Trumpet! 
I did find out that the bore size is.438
Serial #380XXX
As you can see, the original case is included! It has 2 handles. The left latch is a little sticky upon opening. Otherwise it is ok.
The gold mouthpiece is unmarked so I am not sure if this was the original mouthpiece or not.
It even has the original warranty card with the serial number on it.
PAYMENT: $1500 + $free shipping = $1500 (+possible tax)
Can use your credit card here, but I will give a $150 cash discount: Show in person with all cash or Western Union the cash or send U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDERS. Postal Money order will likely take 2 of those since the max is $1000 per each money order.
Potentially, if you picked it up in person and paid cash, you could save: $150! That's quite a lot to save my friend 😃👍
You have a choice to make. You can roll the dice and likely end up with a lower cost similar trumpet that plays like crap and is falling apart or....GET A HORN YOU KNOW PLAYS FANTASTIC BECAUSE YOU SAW AND HEARD IT PLAYED!
$1500 +tax - (please do not add any discounts at check out)
The above PRICE Includes Shipping and Insurance for the full value as long as you are in the lower 48 United States. If somewhere else, please CONTACT ME FIRST to discuss shipping costs. Tax may be added depending on where you live.
No need to say too much. Tons of detailed pictures right here + and in depth video play testing and demonstrating the capabilities of this fantastic collector's item! 
If you have not yet seen the full 12 minute video with me and this horn, Watch right now:

Most of the time, you can't really trust what you are going to get when you buy a horn online. The seller may be a professional seller where all they do is buy cheap crappy problematic instruments then sell them to unsuspecting musicians. Most of these sellers are not professional musicians or music teachers. 
With this particular trumpet, I have play-tested it and inspected if thoroughly. You will also see a plethora of various pictures of this horn. Finally, a fully, complete in-depth video talking about this horn and playing this Conn 12B Trumpet on a jazz ballad, famous classical trumpet concerto, and loud, brassy high notes!
By investing in this extremely rare and good condition Conn 12B Trumpet, you can be absolutely confident in your purchase. 
Kurt Thompson