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Sample the 20 Week Comeback Trumpet & Brass Musician Course - Trumpetsizzle
Sample the 20 Week Comeback Trumpet & Brass Musician Course

Sample the 20 Week Comeback Trumpet & Brass Musician Course

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Why not sample what the 20 Week Comeback Player course is all about? This is a  trumpet and brass digital video lesson straight from the FULL 20 week comeback player course.

Who is it for?

Tuba-Euphonium-Baritone-French Horn-Cornet-Trumpet-Flugelhorn Players!

It is meant to give you a taste of the big 20 week course. Taste? As in teaching style, pacing, going through downloading the lesson, etc...

This has been a very successful course for almost 3 years now and I sincerely hope you can be apart of it.

What adds tremendous value to the Comeback Player digital video trumpet and brass lesson course is the fact you get 5 "live" lessons with me spread throughout the entire 5 months. These lessons are live, real time via phone or skype audio. 

Almost 100% of all Comeback Players make costly mistakes initially: This includes rehashing their old high school and college band music, rehashing old method and etude books, etc...perusing the internet and taking spurious, horrible advice from anonymous users at the Forums, getting advice from Youtube videos, taking lessons from college age players, and taking lessons from college and university teachers and professors.


Isn't it time to invest in a pro who specializes in players like YOU?