No Refund Policy On Digital Downloads-Or Anything You Put In Your Mouth!

Please note there are no refunds on any digital products or courses.
...but why?
1. Samples, REAL samples taken from the actual courses are available to peruse by you, the potential student, for a nominal amount. It is highly recommended you take advantage of these samples which will allow you to know what you are getting involved in. If for some reason you didn't like the style, pacing, delivery, etc..of the sample, you probably should not invest in the full course.
2. Way back in time when I first offered downloadable courses with no refund, unfortunately a few scammers purchased my course, downloaded it...ALL of it, then a few short hours later insisted on a refund because they didn't think it would work for them. They went through 16 weeks of my course in a few hours? Hell no they didn't. They wanted to cheat me and...they did!
3. BE COMMITTED! - don't be the typical fair weather musician that tries out a new horn, mouthpiece, teacher, ensemble or whatever...for a short period of time then throws in the towel when they have to work!

Please note there are no refunds on anything you put in your mouth! If you purchased a device or practice aid that is intended to be put in, on, or around your mouthpiece, it cannot be returned. Even if you say you never put it in your mouthpiece, we have no way to verify this and cannot resell it to another customer.

Would you want to buy our practice aids and devices knowing we took returns on them? Yeah, didn't think so!