I need more gigs. I need more money. I want more fun! I want to learn or get better at Commercial Trumpet.

I am not:
1. A beginner or intermediate trumpet player
2. A comeback trumpet player
3. In elementary, middle school, or junior high
I consider myself a very good above average sophomore or junior in high school.
I am an average, decent senior in high school
I am an adult above average hobby or amateur trumpet player
I am an advanced trumpet or professional trumpet player, but have mainly been active in Classical Trumpet Playing i.e. Brass Quintet, Trumpet Choir, Symphony, Orchestra, Philharmonic, Wind Ensemble, or Concert Band.
Regardless of my situation above, I have a decent range and can play most of the notes in Upper Register: High C, High D, High E, High F, and Double G. I won't sugar coat it: My high F's & Double G's aren't always big and huge sounding: Sometimes they barely come out and sometimes they are spot on.
I might have already played lead in a big band, but our big band plays 90% swing which means I don't have much experience with other commercial trumpet styles like Salsa, Latin, Rock, Pop, Broadway, Ball Room Dancing, etc...
I also need to improve my sight reading. It would be quite "sick" to sight read well enough to start getting recording session gigs and to show up and read the lead trumpet book down as a sub, AND feel confident and actually do a good job.
My high notes and range could also use a boost. Even adding a half step or two would be quite welcomed!
I am quite skeptical and have been around the block. If I am a student then my parents are always skeptical of most things.
Therefore, I don't want to spend much money at all. Just give me a push in the right direction and I can take care of the rest!
My budget is under $50!