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2019 Revised Upper Register Video Course For Trumpet and All Brass Musicians ***
2019 Revised Upper Register Video Course For Trumpet and All Brass Musicians ***
2019 Revised Upper Register Video Course For Trumpet and All Brass Musicians ***
2019 Revised Upper Register Video Course For Trumpet and All Brass Musicians ***

2019 Revised Upper Register Video Course For Trumpet and All Brass Musicians ***

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 If you take my live version of the course, I will only be teaching from this updated, revised version.


1. Filmed in cinematic FHD 23.97 fps Video from a brand new Cannon M50! The crisp clear images and color with lots of depth and hue really bring this version to a professional level.

2. Recorded professionally with a Neumann TLM103 mic and Apollo Twin Duo Pre-amp. You can't really go too much higher in audio. Maybe on up to the Neumann U87, but the TLM103 seriously kicks butt!

3. The original course was recorded on my old Samsung galaxy 2 phone both using the camera and the mic on that phone. To say the picture clarity and audio were not very professional would be quite an understatement.

4. 85 vs 75 Techniques! Yes, the new, revised version has 85 techniques. If you consider up to 5 techniques from the original course were 86'd, then you are looking at 15 or slightly more new techniques added!

5. More text, more descriptive titles regarding the techniques and a summary takeaway at the end of each weekly lesson help to ensure an overall better learning experience with greater retention.

5. Each Weekly Video lesson is shorter and succinct. Some of the videos from the original course were 45 minutes, 55 minutes, to over an hour long. Due to requests from past students just wanting to get right to learning the techniques without my color commentary, I have made the new course more concise and straight to the point with most weeks being at or under 30 minutes! 

6. I have taken lots of data from the many, many past graduates of the original course and constructed part of the revised course to be more efficient and more results producing. You can be quite confident you will achieve better results with this new revised version compared to the original.

7. LESS PRACTICE TIME! By the end of the new revised course you are looking at close to an hour and a half of total practice time per day for the last couple of weeks: Week 13-14-15. If you had taken the original course by Weeks 13-14-15 you would have been required to practice 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours per day those last few weeks. THIS REDUCTION IN PRACTICE TIME IS A GAME CHANGER FOLKS! It really is: Less practice, but more techniques and...better results. A NO-BRAINER!

8. All brass instruments are used for techniques in this new revised version. As I introduce each new technique, the new technique is taught to ALL brass instruments: TUBA, FRENCH HORN, EUPHONIUM, TRUMPET. So, not only are all techniques broken down for each brass player, but I cycle through the demonstrations using all the instruments. 

Here, watch how I do this:

You gettin' it now? Of course this was just a tiny fraction taken from week 6, but I tried to give you a good taste of what is happening that is different now compared to the original course. Through all 4 months I am demonstrating each technique with a different brass instrument. I do tend to use trumpet more, but still, trombone, tuba, baritone ( not pictured above ) and french horn are routinely used so that ALL brass players can easily and quickly get the proper instruction for each technique on THEIR instrument! The original course did not have this. It was all trumpet only.

Several practice aids are part of this new revised course. It is highly recommended that you get the same practice aids that I use in the course. 

PLEASE NOTE: One of the big differences in the original course and this revised course in 2019 is the practice time. 

Original course: 2 to 2 1/2 hours by Week 16. 

This Revised 2019 Course: 90 minutes! Big difference. This difference is partly because of THESE PRACTICE AIDS! These are potent, but in the right amount with the right instructions, very, very efficient!

It is also because a few of the non-performing techniques from the previous original version were weeded out. Less than 5 were removed and not so much because they weren't worthy, but...because they were too hard for the average student. Can you say: "4 octave glissando?" 😊

If you take the Revised Course and use none of the practice aids? Your results will likely be LESS than the original course!

The original course was harder and more time consuming, but built great chops if you did it right! The cost was more sweat and more time.

As constructed without deviation, you will get BETTER results in LESS time in the revised course, but ONLY if you follow it EXACTLY as outlined and that includes the practice aids. Yes, you pay more, but GET MORE by the end of the revised course! (you save a tremendous amount of your personal time when you add it all up by the end of 4 months!)

You will get a document upon purchase that will tell you what practice devices are required in which weeks. I will have some options to purchase these including a bulk combo option where you can buy all of them for the course at once!  Any problems please email me:

I have had a few students from out of country order ALL practice aids that go with this revised course. It seems save to say that if you live outside the U.S.A. the shipping range for ALL practice aids boxed up and sent to you currently is: $60-$80 for U.S.P.S. First Class Mail. Ummm don't ask about PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL because you don't want to know. Let's just say it's about 1/2 the cost of this course! Ouch!: 

It is based on the original 16 week course that had stellar success and enjoyed and still enjoys being the #1 brass embouchure improvement course for all time.

 There has been no other course or routine that has been as successful. 

It is backed up by proven results from hundreds and hundreds of students. 

Many of these players left both written and video reviews of their success.

100 Authentic Student Video Reviews!


 Pricing will be as follows:


 *Make sure you have at least 9 gigs of storage on whatever device you will download. Your first download here is close to 5 gigs. The 2nd download at my google drive is just under 4 gigs. 

 Due to the very large FHD files, you will download half the course here and half the course from my google drive. You will need a gmail account to access the remaining files with the link I will be sending you. It's easy, but email if you can't figure this out (after purchase):

 Sorry, no refunds on this course or any of my digital download courses or... anything you put in your mouth. 

Make sure you are NOT in the "just looking" stage, but that you are READY TO WORK YOUR BUTT! (...because that is exactly what is about to happen to you when you get this course!)



Best way to take this course based on 10 years of data from the original course?

Live, weekly lessons with me each week for 4 months. It is like a college class for a semester long. (you also get this entire course on FHD digital video download too)


Result: 4-5 notes added to your range! High C to Double High G!! (french horn and low brass please adjust to your instrument)

 Runner up is to take this course and see me every other week for live 30 minute review lessons for 4 months. It is very similar to the best option, but the 2 differences are:

  1. You will first learn the techniques from the video
  2. You will see me every 2 weeks throughout the course for a review lesson


Result: 4 notes added to your range! High C to High F (french horn and low brass please adjust to your instrument)

 Standard way to take this course is to get the full video download you see here plus add the 3 live review lessons with me. 

  1. You will learn everything from the video.
  2. You get to have me live on Weeks 5-10-16 which can be a saving grace! If for some reason you wrongly steered off course, I usually am able to get you pointed in the right direction again. 

TUITION: $297 + $97 for 3 live lessons you can purchase here on my site

Result: 3 to 3 1/2 notes added to your range! High C to High Eb or E (french horn and low brass please adjust to your instrument)

 Budget way to take this course is to get the full video download you see here,   but wing it and do everything totally by yourself. 

  1. You will learn everything from the video
  2. You will teach yourself with no coaching or input
  3. Some people have had great success. Some people have had little success because they ran into one common problem: IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO TEACH YOURSELF! 


Result: 2 to 3 notes added to your range! High C to High D or Eb

Like was mentioned above, some get better results, but most end up with a solid 2 or 3 ½ step gain.

Many players try for months and in many cases: YEARS! gain range, but end up with a big ZERO! 

So, to take this course and 4 months later all by yourself be 2 or 3 notes higher? 

Yeah, that is quite an achievement to say the least! (french horn and low brass please adjust to your instrument)


Whether you gain 2 notes or 5 notes or yes...even 1 octave in range after 4 months, ALL STUDENTS go on to gain much more range beyond the course. 4 months is a relatively short period of time. 

Just imagine you gain 2 notes in 4 months. Then, utilizing these techniques along with a great strategy (from me if you get the review lessons), you gain 3 or 4 more notes during the next 8 months? At the end of 1 year you have added a 5th to slightly under an octave of range!