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10 Week Beginner-Intermediate Upper Register High Range Course - $26 Weekly Installment Version - Trumpetsizzle
10 Week Beginner-Intermediate Upper Register High Range Course - $26 Weekly Installment Version

10 Week Beginner-Intermediate Upper Register High Range Course - $26 Weekly Installment Version

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This is the installment version and you will be investing $26 weekly.

 Each week that you continue in the course, you will pay another $26. For any reason should you need to pause or discontinue, you can! Just cancel and that ends your involvement in this course. Easy and no risk at all.


Kurt Thompson Trumpet is author of the most successful trumpet and brass musician improvement course in history, The 16 Week Upper Register Course.

It is the Holy Grail for brass playing and trumpet. The 10 Week Course does contain some of these high powered techniques from the middle to the end of this beginner-intermediate course. 

*New Pay-As-You-Go Option*

Get Started for $26 with this BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE level course based on the most successful Range & Endurance course in the history of Trumpet and Brass Playing!

Several graduates of this course have successfully moved on to the FLAGSHIP 16 Week Upper Register Course. Who knows? Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones too.

This 10 week unleaded, diet version is easier going, but still very viable for anyone wishing to improve their chops. It is just not as ambitious as my 16 week course.

I still advise to take this course with me LIVE each week via phone or skype audio rather than just trying to do the video course alone, but..if you absolutely have no choice, you will still get great results with this course compared to studying with your local private lesson teacher.


 Although this Course Can Be Taken By Very Young Players or Inexperienced Adults, There Are Some Minimum Requirements:

If you are a student and under 18 years of age, you need to have had at least one year of experience in band or private lessons.

So, If you are 12 years old and in 6th grade band, but started in 5th grade, you would qualify!


If you are an adult over 18 years of age, you need to have had at least 6 months of private lessons or a similar experience in a playing ensemble. 

So, If you are 38 years old and got a trumpet or other brass instrument 6 months ago and have been taking private lessons, you would qualify!

The above minimums are important because this is not a course for pure beginners who have never touched an instrument or been in band.

Some other requirements before enrolling in this 10 week upper register course:

1. Knowledge of the staff, lines and spaces, treble clef, key signature, time       signature, note values, rest values
2. Proper handling of the trumpet, trombone, or other instrument
3. Knowledge of 3 scales: C, F, G
4. Fingerings from low F# up to middle D,Eb or the equivalent on the other brass instruments
5. Minimum 30 minutes practice per day
I highly recommend you invest in the LIVE version with me via phone or skype's worth it! 
However, if you are unable because of time or money, then this weekly version is for you and certainly better than taking no action at all.


HIT the Buy Now button for what will be an amazing journey of self-improvement.

Once you click on the BUY NOW button, you will immediately have access to the first week from the course and be charged $26. Start earnestly working on Week 1.

When Week 1 is just about done, you have a choice:

1. Keep taking the course and be prepared to received Week 2


2. Cancel your subscription and that will end your involvement in this course.


Kurt Thompson