Trumpet Lessons Infographic

The Trumpet is an instrument that is commonly used in classical, blues, and jazz music. The Trumpet is believed to have originated in Egypt around 1500 B.C. and was utilized for military purposes such as announcing battle. Later, it became associated with Jazz music and was seen as the reflection of the educational diversity and individuality of the nation. The Trumpet has invaded the universe of popular music and art because it has a different and unique sound compared to other musical instruments. It was first performed in bars, but now it can be heard in jazz music clubs, concert halls, universities, and big festivals worldwide.

Louis Armstrong was a trumpet player who was considered to be the father of modern jazz. The melodic, perky, and brimming with vitality trumpet performances of Louis Armstrong were after effects of his structure on the spot. He inspired countless different performers to make music innovate their own style of creativity. Jazz in present times is broad and distinct. There is something exciting and unique about every artist’s style. Being creative is essential for artists to learn, and they must be taught to build the values of creating free music that is based on easy themes contained in the composition. People who are curious to play this instrument can learn the Trumpet by taking Lessons from professional musicians online.

Trumpet Lessons Online

At, online lessons are offered where you can find a variety of trumpet lessons and study in the convenience of your home. Take your Trumpet, sit in front of your computer, or phone and easily begin learning to develop your trumpet playing. Nowadays, the Internet is easily accessible to anyone worldwide. I will honestly give you my best online services and courses for those interested in trumpet lessons.

You have to search for the best type of trumpet lessons online if you decide to study and improve playing the Trumpet. Though trumpet lessons are now widely available on the Internet, you must endeavor to study with a professional musician to learn correctly. The important thing you have to understand is to pursue a suitable program, a program that will be in your best interests to learn trumpet lessons online most efficiently.

My online trumpet courses will clearly introduce all sorts of exercises that can be advantageous for potential students. You also won’t pay exorbitant amounts of money for my training courses, because the tuition is very reasonable for my students. While visiting my website, please take notice of the testimonials and reviews from students who have learned how to effectively play the trumpet and other brass instruments I teach. Learning while taking trumpet lessons is very pleasing because you will be able to play this unique instrument with jazz or blues music.

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

The online Trumpet Lessons for Beginners is suitable for those searching for a course that highlights the necessary trumpet fundamentals. During the online class, I will teach the proper way to hold the musical instrument, how to assemble and care for the Trumpet, how to stand while doing trumpet airflow and breathing exercises. In addition, I will teach students how to develop a very strong embouchure along with some basic primary methods of improvisation.

In this online course, I will help students to understand the scales, notes, and rhythms. There are many tips in this class to help beginners acknowledge the different notes and how they can be used to play their favorite tunes. My online courses feature many instructional videos that will surely help you to become a professional trumpeter. The music instructor, Kurt Thompson, will also provide sheet music and other downloadable learning materials to improve the skills of each student.

During this online program, each student is encouraged to learn and try the different exercises to help them adopt a practical oriented approach that is necessary to develop their technique. At the end of the course, all students will have increased their confidence to play basic tunes independently.

As a music teacher and professional trumpeter, I have a vast experience of playing the Trumpet as a solo performer and in the orchestra ( mostly jazz ensemble type orchestras). I have recorded several solo CDs for the Trumpet, and have played for notable composers and musicians.

Advanced Trumpet Lessons

Advanced trumpet students will appreciate the ability to learn advanced trumpet lessons concepts from professional musicians such as transposition skills. Being able to transpose is an essential aspect of trumpet performance at the advancing and professional levels. Other advanced trumpet topics can include developing trumpet range, lip buzzing, Intonation (advanced), dynamic range development, defining style, pedal tones, double tonguing, tone development, mouthpiece selection, mixed meter rhythms, and musical instrument purchases.

KURT THOMPSON will teach how to develop an even sound across low, middle, and high registers, multiple tonguing of difficult passages, and finger dexterity for difficult technical passages. My techniques will help you to easily play the different keyed trumpets.(Bb, C, Eb/D, Bb/A piccolo) Moreover, I will teach you lip trills for ultimate range development. I will also assist in recital planning, competitions and defining and refining your practice routine.

After learning the advanced trumpet skills, you will enjoy a trumpet curriculum tailored to successful and progressive students. I will provide the best performance opportunities according to your interest. You will learn from advanced trumpeters like myself to find your musical voice through improvisation and artistic interpretation. I firmly believe that advanced trumpet students should have the opportunity to bring their own experiences and aesthetics to the music.

As a highly experienced online music instructor, KURT THOMPSON feels the pride to encourage, motivate, and inspire his trumpet students. I will take the comprehensive time to play along with my students in their lessons. KURT THOMPSON teaches trumpet lessons through patient explanation and example with beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Learn Trumpet Online with us!