There are NO refunds on any digital download product or courses.
There are NO refunds on any live lessons via phone, skype, in person, or other.
There is a 30 day refund policy on any physical product that is shipped to less shipping and handling

*Back in 2009/2010 when I first introduced digital video products and downloads, my first few buyers (students) fraudulently used paypal to buy my digital downloads. In less than 24 hours they requested a refund. How could they have gone through 16 weeks of my course in less than 24 hours to know they didn't like it?
They just wanted to cheat me, get the course and have it on their phone or laptop, immediately get a refund, but keep the course to work on as they please!

Doing this to a multi-billion dollar corporate company is one thing, but...

A tremendous amount of time, expense and my expertise have gone into the development of the BEST Brass Improvement course in history: The 16 Week Upper Register Course for Trumpet and All Brass Players otherwise now known as the Holy Grail for Brass Players!
After I got "suckered" out of a handful of these fraudulent buyers, I changed my policy to NO REFUND.
10 years later and with hundreds of successful students happy with my courses, you DON'T need a refund policy...you NEED a work and commitment ethic!
The ONLY reason any of my courses would not work would be because of ...YOU!