Brass Player's Practice aids and devices

You can keep practicing long tones, lip slurs, and work on your air, far has that got ya? 

Trumpet players: Are you up in the Maynard Ferguson register yet?

Trombone players: Are you playing as high as Dave Steinmeyer?

Tuba players: Can you power up there like Roger Bobo?

Euphonium players: Are you able to play Hot Canary like David Childs?

French Horn players: Do you have the command of High C up to High E even half as good as Dennis Brain?

I am guessing for ALL of you the answer is:


What would happen if you integrated EVERY SINGLE PRACTICE DEVICE you see here?

Would you get extremely weak and lose muscle and embouchure strength?


Would you develop a powerhouse of an embouchure? ...with strength enough to play way up into the high upper register on your instrument?

I think you know the answer.

I also think you know what is going to happen if you get all excited, nothing.


Please note there are no refunds on anything you put in your mouth! If you purchased a device or practice aid that is intended to be put in, on, or around your mouthpiece, it cannot be returned. Even if you say you never put it in your mouthpiece, we have no way to verify this and cannot resell it to another customer.

Would you want to buy our practice aids and devices knowing we took returns on them?

Yeah, didn't think so!